New Ray Gun Designed to Disable Drones
This ray gun can disable flying drones from up to 400 meters away. Currently, it’s only available to federal agencies because of FCC rules. photo from

Yesterday we reported that Mike Rowe, standing naked with a 12 gauge, almost blew a drone out of the sky after waking up to discover the thing filming him through his window.

He’s not the first to have that reaction to a drone with a camera or something more sinister attached to it.

This post from Military Times features the Battelle DroneDefender, which is a device that looks like a ray gun, intended to jam the frequency that allows the drone to communicate with its controller, and vice versa. The story says it may be seen on more and more U.S. military bases.

The DroneDefender has an effective range of 400 meters and disrupts the command and control link between the pilot and drone itself and disrupts the drone’s GPS sensors as well.

The DOD and the Department of Homeland Security have about 100 DroneDefenders on hand, but when it’s used on a drone, the craft doesn’t just fall out of the sky, the story says.


Battelle’s site says the DD is an easy-to-use, lightweight system requires little to no training to use and acts quickly, neutralizing any remote action, including detonation.

The story says that, once hit with the DD, the drone will most commonly return home, or it will land or hover in place. Right now, the DD is only available for use by federal agencies due to current FCC restrictions for the type of technology that the DD uses to disable drones.

No word on whether Mike Rowe is interested in one.

Check out the video here.