The innovative design of these carbon-fiber suppressors vents heat through ports surrounding the muzzle.

At SHOT Show, there are always a few new amazing new products from small companies that never make it to Range Day. These gems are often buried deep in the basement levels of the sprawling trade show, where new companies are unceremoniously clawing their way into industry.

It’s a gritty place, with low ceilings, confusing aisles, and it’s also of then the home of great innovation.

One remarkable product from the depths of SHOT this year is a new, patented, line of carbon-fiber suppressors made by a small Kansas City, Missouri company: Small Arms Technologies.

This innovative suppressor does something that no other suppressor on the market accomplishes—it’s designed to cool itself as you shoot. That means you can grab it with your bare hand even after firing off 100 rounds. Try that with a typical can and you’ll pretty much know what it’s like to grab the blistering tailpipe of Harley.

Most suppressors can literally cook bacon out on the range (people have done this, just google it). If your skin should accidentally come in contact with a hot can before it has had time to cool, you could be on their way to the hospital for skin graft.

A closer look at the ports.
A closer look at the ports. photo by Peter B. Mathiesen

The secret to the new Small Arms Technologies suppressor is is what they’re calling a CORE-COOL design that uses airflow to shed heat while firing.

The cans are built from a combination of carbon fiber, 7075 aircraft grade aluminum, and 4140 Alloy Steel.

As you can see, there is a series of ports around the muzzle that channel air and disperse heat. The result are suppressors that are safe to touch at any time, and won’t start a brush fire if you lean your rifle up against a tree.

In addition to the innovative cooling design, when used with an AR-platform rifle, the model CF-5.56 rifle suppressor simply slides on to a proprietary flash guard and locks with a twist, much like other aftermarket quick-detach mounts. There’s no buttons or releases to hit, or extra hardware to keep track of.

The 5.56 version includes a QD flash suppressor.
The 5.56 version includes a QD flash suppressor. photo by Peter B. Mathiesen

The handgun version of the suppressor, the CF-9, is more tradition and simply screws onto a threaded barrel.

And on top of that, with the heavy use of carbon fiber, the suppressors are extremely lightweight.

The CF-5.56 rifle suppressor weighs a scant 12.3 ounces. A tactical flashlight can weigh twice that amount and a steel suppressor would be about four times heavier.

With the suppressor affixed, the rifle feels completely balanced, and on a handgun? The CF-9 weighs a ridiculously light 7.5 ounces. The result is amazingly balanced 9mm pistol with no diving.

Prices range from $449 for .22, $849 for 9mm, up to $1199 for the 5.56 rifle version. There are additional models available, including .40 S&W and .45 ACP versions, plus a 12-gauge shotgun model.