New SIG AIR ProForce Airsoft Guns Offer Realistic, Safe Training

SIG Sauer has launched the line with replicas of the P320-M17 and the P229.

  • First offerings include airsoft replicas of the company’s P310-M17, recently adopted by the U.S. Army and a growing list of law enforcement agencies, and P229 pistols.

  • The guns are designed for professional training and match their centerfire counterparts in looks, balance, and handling characteristics.

  • The first two models are blowback guns powered by CO2 or Green Gas.

  • Even if air guns are regulated in your state, airsoft guns most likely are not (even in New Jersey).

  • Airsoft guns can be used for a variety of safe training scenarios, including force-on-force exercises.

When I first got an airsoft gun that was modeled and licensed by an actual firearms company, (technically I got two, a Walther-licensed P99 and a Colt-licensed Gold Cup National Match) I realized how great they were for safe and realistic training drills, especially after I shot a real P99 and discovered the ergonomics and controls of the toy version were spot on. These were the days when I could afford one actual firearm a year, if I was lucky—and I’m talking something more in the Taurus price range, not H&K.

Of course, some things about those all plastic airsoft guns were off. While the airsoft Colt 1911 I had felt good, accepted actual 1911 grip panels, and had a working grip safety, the weight distribution was all off and things like the safety and slide lock didn’t stand up to repeated manipulation for long.

But it is a new era, and gun companies have realized the appeal and the training potential for airsoft guns modeled after some of their most popular firearms.

SIG Sauer has just introduced the SIG AIR ProForce, a high-end airsoft gun line designed for professional training.

The airsoft pistols are designed as exacting replicas of their centerfire counterparts in looks, balance, and handling characteristics and they’re also “engineered to SIG standards for precision, accuracy, and reliability,” the company said in a release.

The first offerings in the line will the the P320-M17 airsoft pistol and the P229 airsoft pistol.

“The SIG AIR ProForce line of airsoft guns is designed for professionals who train frequently and want the option of training safely in realistic force-on-force scenarios,” said Joseph Huston, Vice President and General Manager of SIG AIR. “SIG SAUER is a huge proponent of trying and we will continue to offer our customers numerous new product options to facilitate the safe practice of gun handling and target shooting in various environments.”

While they may be made with professionals in mind, any shooter or concealed carrier can benefit from training that they can do in their own home, at any time, with complete safety—even force-on-force encounters, but if you go that route and actually shoot 6mm plastic BBs at someone, remember the safety glasses and thick clothing. On a new air tank, they can sting pretty good.

Airsoft ammo also comes in a biodegradable version so they’re safe to use outdoors, and even as tiny paintballs, though with gas guns, they tend to explode in the barrel every once in a while, which can be a pain to clean.

Additionally, realistic airsoft guns can be a great and affordable way to test drive a firearm before purchase. See how it feels to carry compared to your current carry gun, how it suits your hands, stature, and shooting style before you sink $500+ into a new gun, magazines, and a holster.

Additionally, SIG has a number of actual air guns modeled after their handguns that can be used for training as well.

SIG AIR ProForce M17

The new SIG AIR ProForce M17 airsoft pistol is similar in look and feel to the U.S. Army issued M17 9mm pistol and features a polymer frame and metal slide with full blow-back action.  The proprietary drop magazine holds 21 rounds of 6mm polymer or biodegradable BBs.  An adjustable hop-up feature creates spin on the BBs for additional stabilization in flight, resulting in increased distance and accuracy.  A Picatinny accessory rail allows for quick and easy mounting of a laser or tactical flashlight.    Available in two power source options – 12g CO2 cartridge or green gas – the SIG M17 Airsoft pistol will be available with an optional optic plate mount for red dot sights.  Velocity is up to 330 fps with muzzle energy of 1 joule (using a .20-gram polymer BB); however, results may vary depending on temperature and altitude.  It’s available in Coyote Tan. MSRP: $179.99

  • Total length: 8.5″

  • Barrel length: 5.5″

  • Weight: 2.6 lbs.

  • Finish: Coyote Tan

  • Muzzle Velocity: up to 330 fps

  • Muzzle Energy: 1 joule

  • Caliber: 6mm BB

  • Magazine Capacity: 21

  • Power Source: CO2 or Green Gas

SIG AIR ProForce P229

Recently chosen by the US Coast Guard for training, the SIG AIR ProForce P229 is a full-size, metal frame airsoft pistol with an ergonomic polymer grip.  The P229 airsoft pistol is powered by green gas and features a full-metal slide with realistic blowback.  The drop magazine holds 25 rounds of 6mm polymer or biodegradable BBs and a Picatinny accessory rail allows for the mounting of a laser or tactical flashlight.  Fixed front and rear white dot sights facilitate quick target acquisition.    Velocity is up to 330 fps with muzzle energy of 1 joule (using a .20-gram polymer BB); however, results may vary depending on temperature and altitude.  Available in Black. MSRP: $179.99

  • Total length: 7″

  • Barrel length: 4.75″

  • Weight: 1.85 lbs.

  • Finish: Black

  • Muzzle Velocity: up to 330 fps

  • Muzzle Energy: 1 joule

  • Caliber: 6mm BB

  • Magazine Capacity: 25

  • Power Source: Green Gas