New Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2.0: Coming to the Range

The major gun maker has released an updated version of its popular concealed carry pistol in 9mm and .40 S&W.

The new Shield is available from the factory with an integrated Crimson Trace laser sight.
The new Shield is available from the factory with an integrated Crimson Trace laser sight. mfg photo

The social media rumors were true, Smith & Wesson has dropped its newest concealed carry pistol, the revamped M2.0 variant of the M&P Shield.

According to a release from S&W, the new version of the Shield blends the 2.0 upgrades that were introduced on the full sized models in December and in a compact model just a few weeks ago.

The Shield, a striker pistol with a 3.1-inch barrel and 18-ounce weight, has proved extremely popular among shooters. The new version will be released in 9mm and .40 S&W, but there’s no word on when we can expect an M2.0 Shield in .45 ACP.

The easy-to-shoot, polymer-framed pistol fills an important niche in the self-defense handgun category.

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“When we launched the M&P Shield pistol, it quickly became the pistol of choice in the concealed carry market,” said James Debney, president and CEO of American Outdoor Brands Corporation (S&W’s parent company), in a statement. “Having recently shipped our 2-millionth M&P Shield pistol, we are now excited to build upon its success by introducing our newest Shield in the popular M&P M2.0 series of products.”

The upgrades from previous models include a better trigger with a lighter pull and a more aggressive grip texture. It’s currently available with a few options, including a manual thumb safety, and white-dot sights or tritium night sights. The Shield M2.0 cal also be ordered from the factory with an integrated Crimson Trace laser sight with two modes and ambidextrous activation. The new gun also has additional serrations at the muzzle to aid with press checks, as do all M2.0 guns.

Prices range from $479 to $579 with tritium sights. All pistols come with one standard and one extended grip, +1 round magazine.

It’s Smith & Wesson’s newest—and biggest—chambering for their extremely popular pistol. But does the .45 ACP handle, carry, and shoot like other Shields? We found out.

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