Talon Springfield XD Grips
This is a Springfield XD Compact/Subcompact in 9mm with rubber texture grips from Talon Grips.

A pistol grip is a personal choice. It depends on your hand size, what you’re going to use the pistol for, and in what conditions you’ll use the gun (competition, concealed carry, hunting…). As this is a personal choice, it makes sense to pay attention to what grip manufacturers are bringing to the marketplace. Talon Grips, for example, just added new grips for Springfield XD models.

This new “redesigned” rear-wrap grip is available in both granulate (skateboard tape style) and rubber textures for the full-sized XD and in another size for compact and subcompact models. It has full coverage on the side panels through the thumb rest and under the trigger guard. These grips sell for $17.99 and come with a grip wrap for the XD Gear Mag X-Tension extended magazine.

Michael Morris, lead designer and president of Talon Grips, says that advancements in laser-cutting technology enabled them to build grips with even better coverage on a pistol’s polymer handle. Other handgun grips makers are benefiting from the same technological advances in manufacturing. Not that long ago, a pistol either fit you or it didn’t—now pistols can often fit people of various hand sizes and for different purposes.