The Smart Cube.

There are a lot of reason people may not lock up their firearms. Sometimes it’s a matter of convenience, but most times, it’s because a firearm needs to be readily accessible at all times, especially at night, and not sealed away in a safe on another floor or in a lockbox in the closet.

There have been a number of products that have endeavored to solve this problem in various ways. We did a review of a product called the BoomDock, essentially a locking steel box that can be mounted on any wall that secures the action and trigger of a long-gun, making it easily accessible. There are numerous quick-open handguns safes that can be bolted into drawers and specialized furniture designed with secret locking compartments to hide guns “in plain sight.”

The problem with most of those products is they’re quite expensive and of varying quality, and most need existing furniture of some kind to mount them to.

But a new product called the SmartCube is taking a step toward an even simpler solution. The Smart Cube, currently gathering funding on, is a Bluetooth “smart lock” that attached to any cabinet, closet, or drawer and installs easily. There are no keys or latches.

A New Way To Secure a Gun in a Drawer
The SmartCube will be able to be used on drawers, cabinets, closets, cases, and more. photo from web photo

The idea of being able to secure a firearm in any drawer, closet door, cabinet, the interior of a vehicle, or even add some extra protection to gun cases while traveling can be quite attractive—especially considering that the Cube can alert your phone if anyone tries to open it when they shouldn’t.

The only downside to using the device to secure a firearm in, say, a bedside drawer, is that there is no alternate way to open the lock. So if you can’t find your phone or the battery is dead, you won’t be able to get your gun.

it’s a flaw gun owners must face when confronted with any locking device with an electronic component that can fail.

At the same time, this is still a crowd-funded project and will obviously be developed more before it comes to market, and if successful, it will be enhanced even further. Down the road, the SmartCube maybe a very viable method to secure firearms in the home.

Currently, for a pledge of $149, you can get a three-pack of SmartCube locks, or $69 for one—and the campaign, which had a $50,000 goal, has raised $242,74.