Last month, we told you the summer of 2015 had been the biggest for gun sales since 1998. Now, Newsweek is reporting that the FBI has processed a record number of checks for the fifth month in a row.

There were more than 1.795 million NICS background checks performed by the FBI on gun buyers at federally licensed dealers in the month of September. That’s a 20 percent jump from the previous high for the month, set in September 2012. August 2015 saw 1.7 million NICS checks. July had 1.6 million and June had 1.5 million checks performed.

It’s worth noting that those numbers don’t equate to gun sales, because they don’t indicate how many checks resulted in rejections, or how many checks were used to buy multiple guns on one occasion. However, NICS checks are seen as a comparable barometer for how many guns are being sold.

So far this year, the FBI has processed more than 15 million NICS background checks.

Newsweek speculates the trend will continue through October, and that November will be a banner month for gun sales, considering that Black Friday in 2014 saw the highest number of gun sales in recorded history.

While President Obama has been threatening to use executive action to stiffen background check requirements for gun dealers with high volumes of firearms, some believe that the increased demand for guns is a result of Obama’s move toward tightened background checks, according to The Washington Post.