As many may have been able to predict, background checks for gun sales spiked in the month of June after the shooting in Orlando that killed 49 people.

According to data released by the the FBI, the number of NICS checks performed last month topped June 2015, the highest on record, by about 602,000, topping out at 2,131,485 background checks. June is now the 14th consecutive month of record background check numbers.

June still isn’t the top month for the year, with February having seen 2,613,074 checks.

As always, remember NICS checks are not a one-for-one correlation to gun sales, as the numbers from the FBI don’t indicate how many checks were denied, and doesn’t account for multiple firearms purchased via one NICS check, but they are a close indicator.

As this story from NBC points out, this has become a common phenomenon after mass shootings that receive heavy media coverage and lead to talks of stricter gun control.

The story says that, while background checks have spiked after mass shootings, the number of U.S. households with at least one gun has been steadily declining. Gun sales more than doubled between 2002 and 2013, while household ownership remained the same, the story says.

See the NBC story for some informative charts.