As the gun debate gains even more fervor as the 2016 presidential election draws ever nearer, the country has set another record for gun sales.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports processing a record number of background checks in October, indicating that gun sales were at an all-time high. This comes after five consecutive months of record numbers of National Instant Background Check System checks, as we reported last month.

A total of 1,976,759 firearms related NICS checks were processed in October. That’s 373,290 more than were conducted in October 2014, and a new record for the month, according to

Though it does not reflect the number of firearms purchased, because multiple guns can be purchased with one NICS check—and the numbers from the FBI don’t indicate how many checks resulted in the potential purchaser being turned down, only how many checks were conducted—the number does serve as a rough indicator. NICS checks also don’t account for guns ales made between private parties, and some states request FBI background checks on anyone applying for a carry permit or for a Firearm Purchaser ID card.

To date, the FBI has performed 17,584,346 firearms related checks. At this point, 2015 is on pace to beat 2013’s record 21.09 million checks, the story says.

Some are of the opinion that Democrats’ calls for new gun control measures are a contributing cause for the increased sales, including Hillary Clinton’s recent assertion that the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment and advocating an Australian-style gun control policy, according to the story.