NJ Man Denied Firearms Permit Because of Wife's Crimes

A New Jersey state appeals court has ruled that a Burlington County man cannot purchase or own firearms because his wife is a convicted felon who has been accused of domestic violence in the past, according to this story from the Courier-Post.

The man, only identified as J.H. to protect his 13-year-old son’s privacy,was denied an application for a firearms purchaser’s ID card and four gun permits to “replace his antiquated guns” and so he and his son could shoot recreationally.

J.H. said he would keep the guns locked up and out of his wife’s control, according to a story on But a two-judge panel said the presence of guns in the home would give his wife greater access to firearms, creating an unacceptable threat to public health, safety, and welfare.

According to this story from the local CBS affiliate, the judges said the man’s Constitutional right to own weapons was “subject to reasonable limitations.”

The ruling upholds decisions made by a state Superior Court judge and the police chief in the Burlington County town where J.H. lives.

According to this story on,the ruling noted that the man’s wife has two felony convictions for drug offenses and also was convicted of drunken driving. It also said police were called to the family’s home in December 2011 when J.H. claimed his wife had hit him while she was drinking.