New Defense Load: Federal Personal Defense HST in .380 Auto

Federal Premium just added .380 to its HST line.

Many small, easy-to-carry "pocket pistols," such as the Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard and the Ruger LCP, are chambered in .380 Auto. This is a round some self-defense gurus criticize, as its "stopping power" is suspect. Still, though the .380 Auto is a light cartridge as pistol cartridges go, its diminutive package has been upgraded a lot lately; for example, Federal Premium just added .380 to its HST line.

In 2013, Federal Premium opted to make law-enforcement's top duty round available to the public and thereby created the HST. This year they added .380 Auto to the line. Federal Premium's engineers worked to give its HST ammunition consistent expansion, optimum penetration, and a terminal performance that makes micro-size handguns an even stronger choice for personal defense. Federal Premium says its 99-grain bullet is "a specially designed hollow point" and its "jacket and core hold together to provide almost 100 percent weight retention." A box of HST .380 Auto retails for $25.95.