For 2019, Boyd’s has introduced a line of gunstocks that adjust both length of pull and comb height at the push of a button. Built from hardwood laminates in color schemes that range from mild to wild, the AT-ONE is available for a wide variety of rifles and a couple of shotguns, in thumbhole or traditional styles.

Using the push-button adjustment, you can dial in your preferred length of pull from 12.5 to 14 inches, giving you a perfect fit no matter what you’re wearing. This on the fly adjustability is great as the sun climbs and you start peeling off layers, but its also ideal for youths, allowing the gun to grow with them. The comb also features plenty of adjustment, so you can always get a solid cheek weld.

A single-point sling attachment on the traditional styles makes carrying your firearm easy. These models also allow you to swap out grip panels, providing the palm swell that fits your hand and shooting style. The forend pad can also be changed out, from a sleek field model to a fatter target style, designed to ride bags for long-range precision. There are even options for the lower buttstock, with the choice of a flat bottom or Picatinny rail so you can add a monopod or other rear rest.

But perhaps the best part is that you can get a custom fit on your favorite gun for around $200. Go to Boyd’s and use their gunstock configurator to find the right model for you.