President Obama announced today new efforts to speed up development of so-called smart gun technology as part of his final-year push against gun rights.

We’re reported in the past on smart guns, and the various shortcomings of any existing technology.

This story from says The Obama administration is “developing guidelines so gun manufacturers understand how they can meet supposed law enforcement agencies’ needs for smart guns.

A report says the DOJ and Department of Homeland Security are expected to complete the guidance in October. The DOJ is also offering certain federal grants to state and local governments that purchase smart guns, even though there are none currently on the market.

Obama made an announcement on Facebook saying:

“First, we’ve jumpstarted the development of smart gun technology. Today, many gun injuries and deaths are the result of legal guns that were stolen, misused, or discharged accidentally. As long as we’ve got the technology to prevent a criminal from stealing and using your smartphone, then we should be able to prevent the wrong person from pulling a trigger on a gun. So, my Administration released a plan today to expedite the development of smart gun technology, including by identifying the requirements that smart guns would have to meet in order for law enforcement to purchase and use them effectively – and keep themselves and the public safer in the process.”

Some might quibble with the president’s assertion relating guns to smartphones, especially since FBI-hired hackers recently proved any security measure can be broken, as was the case in the controversial case regarding the iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists killed during the San Bernardino attack.

Obama went on to write:

“Second, we’re doing more to make sure that those who are already prohibited from obtaining a firearm can’t get their hands on one. Today, we’re announcing a rule to ensure that federal mental health records about individuals prohibited from buying a gun are reported to the background check system.”

“Third, the White House will convene state and local elected officials from all 50 states in May to discuss their efforts to prevent gun violence through legislative and executive actions. The goal is to figure out what works on the ground when it comes to keeping our communities safe, and then share those practices.”

Most of these measures were mentioned in Obama’s executive orders announcement in January.

The NRA has issued a response, according to, saying, “Although NRA is not opposed to the development of new firearms technology, we do not believe the government should be picking winners and losers in the marketplace. As with all advancements, the market itself should be the driver, with consumers the ultimate arbiter of which product developments will succeed.”