Ohio Police Say Glock Malfunction Injured Officer

Police in West Carrollton, Ohio say the pin in the trigger of an officer's Glock pistol worked loose and caused an AD when the gun was holstered, injuring his leg and foot.

This is the pin that West Carrllton Police say worked loose and cause an accidental discharge that injured an officer.
This is the pin (shown here on a Glock 19) that police in West Carrllton, Ohio say worked loose and cause an accidental discharge that injured an officer.photo from Glock

Police in West Carrollton, Ohio are blaming an odd malfunction in a Block pistol for an accidental discharge that wounded a police officer on the firing range.

The incident occurred on May 4, according to this post on daytondailynews.com.

According to the West Carrollton Deputy Police Chief David Wessling, the pin that holds the Glock's trigger together worked it way loose until it was protruding beyond the handgun's frame.

When the officer went to holster his pistol, the pin caught on the edge of the holster and activated the trigger, police say.

The officer was wounded in the calf area and the foot on his right side, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“There’s a pin in the triggers of Glocks that keeps the safety in place, and the pin had actually worked itself out to the side of the gun to the point that it was sticking out far enough that when he stuck (the gun) in the holster, the pin caught the edge of the holster and pulled the trigger back,” Wessling said. “That’s nothing that you would ever expect to happen.”

The pin in question runs through a standard Glock trigger from the left side, but does not protrude on the right, and holds the trigger safety lever assembly to the trigger itself.