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A geology professor at Bowling Green State University is catching some heat for sending an email to Ohio Rep. Tim Brown, demanding that he vote against a bill that seeks to change gun laws in the Buckeye State, including allowing campus carry.

In the email to Brown, Dr. James E. Evans called the NRA “a murderous terrorist organization that is a threat to the national security.”

Evans also thinks he has a right to “live in a world where I am not threatened by your guns.”

Here’s the full content of his email, which was obtained by news organizations through a public records request, according to


The bill passed out of the Ohio House last week with a 68-29 vote. It now goes to the state Senate for a vote. People with the necessary permits are already allowed to carry on the campuses of Ohio primary and secondary schools, if the schools allow it.

The story says that the professor violated the school’s policy regarding use of the university’s name, letterhead, or email system. The school’s handbook says any use of email “that might associate the content and conclusion of the document with the University should be avoided.” The handbook goes on to say this specifically applies to “political activities (including lobbying efforts to influence legislation or regulations) by any member of the BGSU community…”

The story says the school’s president didn’t return’s emails or phone calls about the matter, though a number of college employees emailed Brown in opposition to the bill.

According to, BGSU is scheduled to get more than $70 million in taxpayer funding next year.

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