The SIG Sauer P320, full-size.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has selected the SIG Sauer P320 full-size pistol in 9mm as the department’s new duty gun. More than 800 P320s will be delivered to the Patrol, which has been performing an exhaustive test and evaluation, according to a release.

Over two weeks, P320 pistols were vetted by cadets and firearms instructors of the 63rd Academy class. After more than 78,000 rounds of assorted brands of ammunition, the P320 continued to perform “without any mechanical issues,” according to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

“We have observed the pistol to be accurate, reliable, and operator friendly,” wrote Lt. Todd Fenimore of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “We are looking forward to the statewide pistol transition.”

The Highway Patrol is the first state police agency to adopt the striker-fired P320 as its service pistol, since the gun was introduced in January 2014. It’s fitting, since the gun was designed with input from law enforcement officers.

The P320 was originally introduced in 9mm and was followed a year later at SHOT 2015 with a .45 ACP compact version. It is now also available in .357 SIG and .40 S&W in full, carry, compact, and subcompact sizes. The gun is built on SIG’s P250, but using a striker-fired mechanism instead of a double-action-only hammer system.

The P320 is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol with a short, crisp trigger pull. In the highway patrol test, instructors said they found inexperienced shooters saw a reduced learning curve with the P320 and the progressed more quickly through their training.

For those who want to check out the P320 but aren’t sure if they want to buy one, an air gun version of the P320 was introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show, along with an air version of the P226, which will begin shipping mid-July. The air version of the P320 is expected to ship sometime this year. These pistols are made by SIG, not a third party manufacturer, from the specs and blueprints of the real guns. Check out our range test of the P226 air pistol here.