Open-Carrying Arizona Woman Defends Herself From Robber
Carolann Miracle was interviewed near the gas station where she says she shot a man who tried to rob her at gunpoint. web photo

In the early morning hours of August 1 in Glendale, Arizona, Carolann Miracle was openly carrying a handgun on her hip, leaving a gas station with her family and a soft drink in her hand, according to this story from ABC news.

A man approached the 4-foot 11-inch, 85-pound woman asking to bum a cigarette. She told him she didn’t have one, and seconds later, Miracle said she felt the suspect, Frank Taylor, 23, put the barrel of a gun to her neck.

“He put the gun up to my neck and said, ‘It’s loaded, b——, don’t move,'” Miracle, 23, said in the story. “I think he thought, ‘She’s a little girl. Maybe she doesn’t know how to use her weapon.'”

“I dropped my soda, released my gun from my holster, cocked it, and shot him. And then we ran the opposite way,” she says in the report. She told ABC she didn’t know if her alleged robber was alone or not, so she ran home and called police from there.

Taylor later died of a gunshot wound to his stomach, according to this story from


“I felt sorry for him. I feel sorry for his mom. I found out he had a one-week-old baby. I feel bad for what I did. I didn’t mean to, but I had to defend my sister and me,” said Miracle, who is the mother of a 3-year-old, ABC says.

“I feel bad, but I had to protect me and my family. It was my life or his,” she said in the story.

On the 911 call recording, Miracle can be heard asking, “Am I going to go to jail for defending myself?”

Later, she said “I didn’t want to hurt him, but he shouldn’t have been out robbing people at one in the morning.”

This story from CBS says it’s not up to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will determine whether Miracle will be charged for shooting Taylor.

It’s worth noting that in news broadcasts, Miracle is shown carrying a Glock pistol, which doesn’t have an external hammer, but she says she cocked her gun on the night of the incident, meaning the Glock shown may be her backup carry gun, and that her pistol is still in police custody.

Miracle told reporters her father, a U.S. Marine, taught her to shoot. In the story she said, “I’d been to the shooting range twice. The third time shooting the gun was him.”

“I’m thanking God I’m still here for my daughter. I just feel bad that I took him away from his baby,” Miracle said of her alleged robber in the story.