Juan Delgado shot and wounded a man who burst into his Orlando home. photo from theblaze.com.

An Orlando man who shot and wounded an intruder who burst into his home says he hesitated for fear of going to jail for shooting someone, and then chose not to shoot to kill.

According to this story from wftv.com, Juan Delgado, 65, said he was trained to shoot in the Army but never wanted to use a gun to defend his home—though that’s exactly what proved necessary last week when his barking dogs alerted him to an intruder standing on his enclosed porch.

“I was just scared, you know? I was scared of going to jail because I shot somebody,” Delgado said in the story.

When his dogs started barking non-stop, the story says Delgado threw on his pants and put a pistol in the pocket before going to check out the back of the house. He then went to the front and saw the man standing in his entryway.

Delgado says in this story from orlandosentinel.com that the intruder muttered something about looking for lawn care work. Delgado told him to leave, but the intruder refused, the story says.

“He pushed me to the side, and I’m kind of scared now. He ran inside my house,” Delgado said in the story.

He gave the man another warning, telling him to get out of his house, before things escalated.

Dienell Joseph
Dienell Joseph was shot by a homeowner after forcing his way into his house last week. photo from orlandosentinel.com web photo

“He started coming at me, running at me, so I pulled out my gun and I shot him in his legs,” Delgado said. “I didn’t want to kill him. I just wanted to stop him. I called the cops.”

Delgado kept his gun on the intruder until police arrived, the story says.

Police identified the intruder as Dienell Joseph, 27, who they found on Delgado’s living room floor with a gunshot wound to the abdomen near his left hip. He was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center and taken into surgery, the OS story says.

The story says Joseph was transferred to the Orange County Jail and is being held without bail on charges of burglary with assault or battery.

Police say Delgado will not face any charges.

Florida’s “stand your ground” laws protect homeowners who must use deadly force to protect their life or property.

From the wftv.com story:

“The retired Army sergeant said it’s not the first time he’s shot someone, but he hopes it’s the last. ‘We were taught not to pull your weapon out unless you’re going to use it,’ he said.”