Angel Cruz wants a complete registry of all gun owners and all guns—which he wants kept unloaded unless the gun is on one's person. photo from

While Pennsylvania’s gun control laws aren’t particularly strict, some lawmakers in the state have consistently pushed to tighten restrictions for legal gun owners. And this one is particularly audacious in its blatant disregard for its invasiveness and governmental control.

According to this story from, state Rep. Angel Cruz is back at it, renewing a push to require every Pennsylvania resident to register any and all firearms, along with a host of other restrictions. House Bill 610, which you can read here, blatantly titled the Firearm Registration Act, aims to give the state police the right to maintain a registry of all guns and gun owners in a central database.

From the bill:

“No person within this Commonwealth may possess, harbor, have under the person’s control, transfer, offer for sale, sell, give, deliver or accept a firearm unless the person is the holder of a valid registration certificate for the firearm.”

The bill is a relaunch of 2016’s expired House Bill 503. The new bill would also require residents to abide by the following requirements for gun ownership:

  • a photo ID specifically for gun ownership

  • fingerprinting for every gun owner

  • separate, state-issued, $10 certificates for every gun owned by an individual

  • annual renewal of gun registrations

The last requirement is one that would basically require every gun to be useless for home defense, unless it’s being carried in a holster:

  • all guns must be unloaded and disabled, unless in the immediate possession of the owner.

The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee on February 24.