Confiscated guns in California. photo from

It seems every week there’s a new horror show of a gun law coming out of California, and this week is a doozy.

Craig DeLuz of the The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) described the April 19 introduction of 10 gun control bills as “GunMeggedon,” according to this story from

According to, these are the main goals of eight of the bills:

  • AB 2510 eliminates uniformity for CCW permits, putting permit holders and law enforcement at greater risk.

  • AB 2607 allows your boss, coworker, or professor to strip away your gun rights through the use of gun violence restraining orders.

  • SB 880 immediately bans and forces the registration of millions of semi-automatic weapons in common use.

  • SB 894 mandates lost and stolen reporting within five days and penalizes individuals for reports that are turned in even a day late.

  • SB 1006 allows the University of California to conduct biased gun violence research.

  • SB 1235 is a measure that we believe will eventually include mandatory ammo tracking and purchase permits.

  • SB 1407 is De Leon’s version of the “Ghost Gun” ban.

  • SB 1446 bans all “standard” capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

“Gun-Megeddon is definitely coming to pass,” DeLuz said in the story. “Not one of the laws that are being pushed today makes Californians safer. All they do is put restrictions—in many cases very unreasonable restrictions—on law-abiding citizens.”

Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, agreed with DeLuz.

“It doesn’t affect criminals at all,” Paredes said in the story. “They are not affected by any of these bills that are making their way through the Legislature.”

Eight of the 10 bills passed on committee votes Tuesday. Only one was defeated, AB 2459, which would have required cameras to be installed in gun stores.

The 10th bill was put on hold, according to the FPC.