Some would-be Sin City robbers got a lesson that just because a guy is playing Pokemon Go, doesn’t mean he isn’t armed.

According to this story from, Las Vegas police say six people were at Freedom Park to play the mobile game around 4 a.m. when a man in a vehicle attempted to rob the group. He demanded money and property, when one of the Pokemon Go players drew his own weapon and gunfire was exchanged, police told reporters.

The alleged robber was hospitalized with a non-life threatening gunshot wound. He and his underage driver are both expected to be criminally charged, the story said.

The Pokemon Go player had a valid concealed carry permit, according to police.

One player was shot in the stomach and taken to University Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. Authorities have not yet said if the wounded player is the same person with the concealed carry permit who drew on the robbers.

The story says it’s unclear if a “lure” was used to attract players to the location for the robbery attempt.

The story says about 20 million daily users play the game since its launch earlier this month. Players use their phone’s GPS and camera to create a virtual overlay for the real world, in which they try to catch Pokemon monsters.

Apparently, Freedom Park, located east of downtown Las Vegas, has been described by players as a hotspot for Pokemon, the story says.

Four teens in St. Louis robbed players of the game earlier this month by luring them to a location. An Ontario woman has been charged for allegedly shooting at players, and in upstate New York a man got stuck waist-deep in mud while playing in the woods behind his home. Near Syracuse, a distracted driver broke his leg trying to catch a rare Pokemon.