According to a new poll conducted by CNN/ORC, 75 percent of Americans say they are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed, and 69 percent are at least somewhat angry about the way things are going, according to this story on

While President Obama is seeing better numbers regarding his handling of climate control at year’s end, he has earned “broadly negative marks” when it comes to his actions on gun control.

From the story:

“Overall, 62% disapprove of his handling of that issue, 35% approve. Americans tilt against stricter gun control laws, however, with 51% opposed to them, 48% in favor. Americans are split on whether Obama has done enough to change the nation’s gun laws. Overall, 39% say he’s gone too far, 38% not far enough, and 20% that he’s done about the right amount. Gun owners are especially likely to think Obama has gone too far (53% say so), while among those who do not live in a gun-owning household, 52% say he has not gone far enough to change the nation’s gun laws.”

Americans are also split over Obama’s handling of the economy, with 52 percent saying they approve, according to this post from The Washington Times. Overall, the President has a 47 percent job approval rating.