The new Walther PPQ .45 Auto pistol will be available October 1.

If you love the ergonomics of Walther’s PPQ line of pistols, but can’t abide carrying anything smaller than a .45 ACP, here’s some good news.

Walther has announced the introduction of the PPQ .45 Auto. Not only that, but it’s the first true production pistol ever produced by the German gunmaker in the decidedly American caliber.

The new model features the same controls and features as the other members of the striker-fired PPQ line, which currently come chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .22LR. It includes three separate safeties and a mil-spec Picatinny rail for tac lights or laser sights.

Overall, the new gun is 7.4 inches long with a polygonal rifled 4.25-inch barrel (which Walther says is an upgrade from the traditional button rifling process) and an impressive magazine capacity of 12 rounds.

“We are excited to bring a .45 Auto to the Walther line. This new caliber and product offering is a benchmark for Walther and the PPQ. WE have built it to the same exact German standards that have made this model so well received and it is a superior choice for home defense and personal protection,” said Cyndi Flannigan, Walther Arms’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing, in a release.

The PPQ .45 Auto will be available in retail stores on October 1. You can find a full spec sheet on Walther’s website here.

The PPQ, which has been produced since 2011, wasn’t a completely new design, instead building off the engineering principles and features of Walther’s successful P99 variant, the P99QA, introduced in 1996. This makes the PPQ compatible with P99 sights and P99 second-generation magazines.

NOTE: The release Walther sent out only refers to the new gun as the PPQ .45 Auto, while the spec sheet on their website refers to the model as the PPQ M2 45 ACP. We’ll know what its full name is when it hits stores.