Product Test: A Gun Lube That Claimes to Clean
FireClean sticks to metal and operates at high temperatures without breaking down. It’s also a general-purpose cleaner that works especially well on carbon.

There are more gun cleaners on the market than unfulfilled election promises. Most of them are advertised as having the ability to clean the dirtiest of guns. FireClean, a combination cleaner and lubricant, takes a different approach. Rather than just cutting gunk, it also is said to prevent gunk from accumulating in the first place.

I found that FireClean does meet two of the most important criteria of a firearm lubricant: It sticks to the metal, and it’s effective at high temperatures. As a general-purpose cleaner, it worked especially well on carbon. The difference is that, unlike many cleaner/lubricants, it does not trap the gunk–it repels dirt and powder residue. After a couple of applications, most of my cleaning chores consisted of wiping rather than scrubbing.

I’ve been using FireClean for over a year on my MSR-type rifles and suppressor-equipped guns. Both collect carbon crud rapidly and present tough-cleaning challenges. But after a couple of applications, any carbon residue that does stick wipes right off. I use it on MSR bolts and carriers and suppressor mounts and pistons.