Filming has officially begun on a fifth Rambo movie, a full 10 years after the wildly successful Rambo, released in 2008 and it’s official title is Rambo 5: Last Blood.

Sylvester Stallone has been dishing out small glimpses of Rambo 5 via photos posted on his Instagram account, as he steps back into one of his most famous roles for what is reportedly the last time since the franchise began with First Blood in 1982.

The first two photos (below) had people a little confused, as they showed an aged and gray John Rambo (Sly is over 70 after all) outfitted more like a cowboy than a soldier. But, it makes perfect sense. The end of the fourth movie saw Rambo finally return home to his father’s horse ranch in Arizona, and it looks like that’s where he’s been for the past decade—working the ranch.

In the most recent photo, we got a glimpse of the other side of this eternally tortured character, and his arsenal.

Rambo is sitting in a shed of some kind wearing a familiar M65 Field Jacket and holding a knife that may or may not be one of the knives from the previous movies (it’s moving so the blade is a blur). But, if you look closely, at the top right edge of the frame you can see the handle of the machete-style knife he used in Rambo hanging on a nails beneath a small shelf next to a snake skin (Rambo worked as a snake wrangler and trapper in Myanmar for a time).

The knife in his hands could conceivable be the Jimmy Lile-designed blade used in First Blood. That knife would have been taken from him by police at the end of the first movie, and the knife from Rambo: First Blood Part 2 (1985) was destroyed in the Director’s Cut of Rambo. The knife in the photo is way too small to be the bowie knife from Rambo III—so could it be Rambo’s first knife? Or maybe even Rambo Sr.’s knife?

John Rambo on horseback.
John Rambo on horseback in a behind the scenes photo taken during the filming of Rambo V. Instagram

On to the weapons that go bang: Behind him is a rifle rack holding three lever action rifles, what appears to be an M1 Garand, and what looks like an M16A2 style rifle with a sling and birdcage flash hider. There’s a shorter-barreled firearm next to that, but we can’t see anything but the muzzle.

All we know about the plot is that a friend of his who lives near his ranch has their daughter stolen by the human trafficking arm of a Mexican cartel. And it’s up to John Rambo to get her back.

I’m a massive Rambo fan, pure and simple, so I’ll be excited about this one until it’s released. So, expect updates like this one on the regular.

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A close up of Rambo in his rancher getup.
A close up of Rambo in his rancher getup. Instagram