Walk down the firing line at any shooting range, indoor or outdoor, rural, urban, or suburban, and you’ll see not only a variety of firearms, but a similarly diverse bunch of people behind them. There are couples learning from each other, long-range shooters doing what they do with notebooks and gizmos spread about, handloaders trying to squeeze as much performance or accuracy as they can from a new recipe, a concealed carrier training to defend themselves with seemingly endless draw-and-shoot drills, hunters zeroing scopes or patterning shotguns, people with muzzleloaders who get maybe two shots off before each ceasefire, and folks just bringing their safe queens out for a little fresh air and fun plinking. And every single one of them has a slightly different host of gear in their range bag, or bin, or caddy, or whatever they use to haul their shooting gear to the fun place. We asked a bunch of Range365 contributors to dump out the range bag they use for their favorite type of shooting and show us what gear and tools they use, aside from guns and ammo, though there’s some of that too. Some of it’s mundane (everybody has a staple gun….everybody) and some surprising (did you know how handy nail clippers can be?) but each of these load outs represents years of shooting experiences…and lots of trial and error. See if you can pick up any ideas. —DM

Muzzleloader Shooting
Muzzleloader Shooting
General Fun and Plinking
Plinking and General Fun
Long Range Shooting Gear
Long Range Shooting
Handgun Shooting
General Handgun and Long Gun Gear
Hunting Guns
Bringing a New Shooter
Early Spring Shooting
Early Spring Shooting photo by Annette Doerr