Kenya Moore.

One of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” had to defend herself against three trespassers who climbed a wall and entered her property over the weekend, according to this story from

Kenya Moore pulled a gun on the three individuals who climbed a fence surrounding her property in order to bypass the security gates that are in place.

Luckily, Moore was at the ready with a pistol and chased the two men and one woman off her property before calling police.

Moore posted screenshots on Instagram from her security cameras of the trespassers and even a photo of herself on the camera, brandishing a handgun, and another of the perpetrators fleeing, along with written descriptions of the men along with an offer for a $1,000 reward for anyone who could help identify them.

Real Housewife Pulls Real Gun on Intruders
A photo posted on Instagram of Moore with her handgun and of the fleeing trespassers. web photo

Moore later posted an Instagram video saying she plans to prosecute the trespassers.

“I’m pissed!” she said in the video. “Three people knocked on my door a woman and 2 big grown men. They climbed the fence when they couldn’t get through my security gates They got what they came for I stay sitting on ready. If any crazy motherf—— want to F with me u deserve what’s behind these doors. #myhammersstayready #criminaltrespass #theytriedit

As Moore said in one of her posts, it was not clear what the trespassers intentions were, and the incident could have gone much differently.

“I have a right to feel safe in my home and to protect myself. I don’t care if I’m on TV,” she wrote on Instagram. “What if 3 strangers banged on your front door …2 of them being grown men wearing dark clothing knowing they could only get to you by jumping fences or trespassing onto other properties and mine? There are home invasions, robberies, rapist…What if your children or loved ones were threatened this way? Anyone who is bold enough to commit a crime, endanger themselves and others needs to be punished.”

This is another example of a potentially life-threatening situation being completely avoided because the would-be victim was armed—and no shots had to be fired.

Reality TV fans know Kendra Moore as a cast member on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta and on The Celebrity Apprentice 7 from last year. Go a bit further back to 1993, and you may remember Moore as the winner of Miss USA that year. She went on to place in the top six in that year’s Miss Universe pageant and appeared in the film Deliver Us From Eva (2003.)