arrying or keeping a gun to defend yourself is a whole different ballgame than shooting at the range. In fact, when it’s time to defend yourself and your family, simply having a gun means jack squat. Having a gun in a self-defense encounter might help you. Or it might not. There are a lot of other factors at play, and many of them aren’t under your control. However, there are strategies, tactics, and advance critical thinking that will improve your odds through better and more realistic preparedness.

That’s why we’re going to present a multi-part series on concealed carry. The topic of self-defense using a gun is far bigger than we can cover in a few articles - claiming otherwise would not only be unrealistic, but irresponsible. So, just know that our goal will be to offer up some baseline information and starting points from which you can build knowledge and skills over time. With that said, let’s get busy!