If anyone out there lost a Remington 700 bolt-action rifle in the Kennebec River while on a hunting trip, it’s been found. But police aren’t confident someone will come forward.

A father and son fishing team reeled in the bolt gun over the weekend, according to this story from

According to this story from the pair was fishing near the northern end of Canal Street in Augusta when they hooked the rusty rifle, which was outfitted with a low-power scope, a collapsible Harris-style bipod, and still had three rounds of ammunition in the magazine, along with a good gout of rust.

The waterway that runs along the crime-ridden namesake city hides so many firearms that diving is banned—because many are criminal evidence.

The Detroit River is Full of Guns

In the story, police say they’re trying to determine the gun’s owner but it has not been reported stolen.

“I am not able to tell for sure why it’s there, but it is possibly related to some type of burglary, theft or other crime,” Lt. Chris Read said in the story. “It’s illegal to duck hunt with a rifle, so the ‘oops it fell out of the boat’ doesn’t sound too good. You can’t hunt from that area within the compact urban zone with a rifle.”

The gun was entered into a database of recovered firearms maintained by the National Criminal Information Center, the story says.

These firearms have two things in common: they were lost by their owners in harsh environments and later recovered, and all are topped with Leupold scopes that still work.

Lost and Found Rifles: Proof Optics Can Outlast their Guns

The story says the rifle, predictably, was so oxidized that it will never fire again.

The rifle’s age hasn’t been determined, but the stock is clearly synthetic and largely intact and a local gun shop owner estimated it was made within the last 15 years. Bizarrely, the same gun expert says that bipods aren’t used for hunting, when they are actually a common long-range hunting accessory.

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