Remington Introduces the Model 700 Chassis Pistol

This new hunting bolt action pistol comes chambered in .308, .223, or 300BLK.

The barrel for the .308 model is slightly longer.
The barrel for the .308 model is slightly longer.Remington

Big Green goes short by introducing the Model 700CP, a bolt-action pistol built on their beloved Model 700 receiver. The new pistol will be available in .300 BLK, .308 Win, and .223 Rem.

Handgun hunters likely remember the XP-100, Remington’s hand-held bolt-action bullpup that achieved cult status amongst those chasing varmints with a pistol. The XP-100 was offered in a number of calibers, but the .221 Fireball was amongst the most popular. Most of these were single-shot affairs, with the exception on the XP-100R (R for Repeater) models, which combined an internal four round magazine similar to those found on bolt action rifles.

The Remington XP-100 bullpup bolt action pistol.
The Remington XP-100 bullpup bolt action pistol.Wiki Commons

The XP-100 was built with the action from the Model 40X, but Remington’s latest take on the bolt-action pistol has Model 700 DNA. The 40X was an important evolutionary step for Remington, leading to the Model 600 that Colonel Jeff Cooper spoke so highly of, but is archaic in comparison. A review of police department gun lockers and hunters safes would be a testament to the accuracy and reliability of the Model 700.

The Model 700 Chassis Pistol is available in three centerfire calibers: .300 BLK, .308 Win, and .223 Rem. Predictably, the .300 and .223 barrels are the same length, taping out to 10.5 inches. In order to squeeze more velocity out of the .308, Remington’s engineers stretched that barrel to 12.5 inches. All barrel feature light contours with threaded muzzles.

All of the 700 CP barrels come with threaded muzzles.
All of the 700 CP barrels come with threaded

Gone are the single-shot and blind magazine designs, swapped out in favor of Accuracy International-pattern mags. This means you can stuff the pistol with as many rounds as your state’s regulations—and budget—will allow. The 700 CP will also work with Magpul PMags.

Unlike the XP-100, the 700 CP doesn’t come with sights. This is probably for the best, as most found on the XP-100 were unceremoniously hacked off in favor of a scope immediately after purchase. The top of the receiver features an 8-inch removable Picatinny rail, so you have plenty of choices for optics.

Accuracy International and Magpul PMags can be used in the 700 CP.
Accuracy International and Magpul PMags can be used in the 700

The XP-100 was designed for hunting, but the threaded barrel, free-floating forend with M-LOK attachment points on all eight sides gives us a clue to the 10CP’s intended use: a one-stamp platform for braced, suppressed pistol. The short barrel of the handgun just about makes a can necessary to tame the muzzle blast, begging for the addition of one.

It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but it appears the pistol grip is threaded to accept AR-style buffer tubes. If so, the addition of a brace would only take seconds.

The pistol comes suppressor ready.
The pistol comes suppressor

Firing the pistol off-hand become much easier, and the whole package is small and unobtrusive enough to become a favorite for home defense or defending the back 40 from coyotes.

MSRP: $1,022