Remington RP9, RP45 Pistols: Coming to the Range
The RP9 in 9mm will be shipping first, soon to be followed by the RP45 in .45 ACP, pictured here. mfg photo

We can officially welcome Remington into the world of polymer pistols.

Big Green announced this week that it is finally introducing the RP9, a 9mm striker-fired polymer handgun with a tilting barrel. The pistol looks appropriately modern, with an integrated accessory rail on the frame, a contoured and stippled grip designed for a high hold closer to the center of the slide, rounded corners and edges, and a pronounced beavertail for recoil control and stability.

The RP45, chambered in .45 ACP, will be released next. The fact that a .40 S&W version isn’t including in the initial launch is a signal that the caliber is indeed waning in popularity.

Both pistols have a high magazine capacity, with the 9mm version holding 18+1 rounds and the .45 holding 15+1. All the details makes one wonder if this wasn’t Remington’s bid for the Army’s Modular Handgun System Program. notes that a distinctive feature of the RP pistols is a heavily chamfered barrel surface, which you can clearly see at the front of the ejection port on the profile photos. From the site: “Most tilting-barrel recoil operated Browning guns use a slight chamfer on the barrel to allow it to pass underneath the slide, but the RP9 / RP45 has a much more extreme chamfer than normal. This has led some to speculate that the RP9 / RP45 might represent a unified slide and frame design that will be used for 9mm and .40 S&W variants in the future, in addition to the .45 ACP version just released.”

Remington RP9, RP45 Pistols: Coming to the Range
Note the heavily chamfered barrel visible at the front of the ejection port. mfg photo

Remington has been hinting at the pistol like since 2013, and allowed some new product writers, including the folks at, a chance to give the RP series a run in September.

From the site:

“They did some serious design work to have these pistols hold that many rounds and still have a relatively small grip. In fact Remington says the grip should fit 95% of shooters. Having shot the RP9 a great deal that afternoon the grip feels great. The grip is a bit thicker than a 1911 of course but the grip angle feels very close. Each pistol also comes with a small, medium and large backstrap so you can customize the grip to fit you. The pistols all weigh in at 26 plus ounces.”

Remington RP9, RP45 Pistols: Coming to the Range
The other side of the RP9. mfg photo

“The slide is stainless steel with a PVD coating. The frame is obviously polymer which has a reversible mag release. The sights have a standard notch rear with a flat front so the slide can be worked with one hand by placing the rear sight on the users belt or an edge of a jeans pocket. The front sight has a red insert, which can be changed to the users preference.”

“This trigger actually felt crisp with a good break and a short reset you can feel. The trigger actually felt better than most polymer pistols I’ve shot. The only other polymer pistol that comes close (trigger wise) is the FNS 9long slide.”

The site estimates that the gun will be around the $500 mark.