This guy is so goofy and funny, we just had to post his vids.

Charlie Cook’s Youtube channels are filled with a slew of clips with Cook, a trumpet, and usually a Glock.

Firearms and music have been coming together fairly regularly on the Internet, with most consisting of someone shooting steel targets to a melody or rhythm, like Chris Cheng’s ballistic rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

But Cook takes it a bit further by playing a trumpet in his left hand, while firing his handgun for musical accents with his right.

Cook has taken on the Rocky theme “Gonna Fly Now”:

The score from Raiders of the Lost Ark:

And a number of tunes for the silly season like this one:

Of course, Cook has his own version of our national anthem:

Every once in a while, Cook picks up something a bit bigger than his usual pistol, like in this Happy Birthday video to a friend:

And just in time for Halloween, Cook did a rendition of The Addams Family theme…which was kind begging for the treatment.