Ever since federal regulations made it pretty much illegal for most Americans to own a fully-automatic firearm (even those that can own such firearms are limited to guns made before the 1980s), people have designed all kinds of devices to mimic full-auto fire at the range without breaking the law.

One company, SlideFire, took the concept of bump-firing, by which a shooter simulates full auto fire by allowing the recoil of a semi-auto firearm held loosely by the shooter to repeatedly activate the trigger against the trigger finger, and created a stock that makes for a fun range gun, but has little practical use.

Others have tweaked how a semi-auto trigger works, like the DoubleTap trigger system, which fires a round every time the trigger is depressed and released, essentially doubling the number of rounds per trigger pull.

The AutoGlove goes a different way, and modifies the shooter instead of the firearm.

The product is an actual glove that has been fitted with a device on the trigger finger, which is wired to a battery pack that can be worn on the forearm or belt. Since a semi-auto firearm will fire as quickly as the shooter can pull the trigger, the device sits inside the trigger guard with the index finger extended straight and repeatedly activates the trigger when a separate switch is activated on the glove’s middle finger using the thumb.

The most interesting thing about the AutoGlove is that you don’t have to modify the actual firearm at all or attach anything to use it, since you’re essentially giving yourself a robot trigger finger and everything else on the gun works like normal.

The model in the video above is a prototype, so assumedly the final product will be more streamlined and will hopefully be built to better withstand the elements and we get to see a more rigorous range test soon.