For More Full Auto Videos, go here Remember those Oprah giveaway shows from the late 90s where she gave a bunch of free stuff away? People would lose their minds over a free Whitney Houston CD, then Oprah would command them to look under their chair, and there was a free Discman waiting for them. People would start jumping up and down clapping, then Oprah would summon up this big deep voice and be like, “And here’s Whitney!” and actual real-life Whitney Houston would walk out and start singing and half the audience tipped right over from excitement. Just a couple weeks ago, this Ruger was the equivalent of that for me.

“Hey,” my host at an impromptu machine gun camp in Florida said after breakfast one day, “want to shoot my 10/22?”

And I was like, “Okay, sure.”

“It’s suppressed,” he said, now holding my attention. “And short-barreled.”

“Really,” I said, and then he immediately went into full Oprah voice:


When I picked myself off the floor, I shot the heck out of that little gun. Who knew it was possible to make a 10/22 even MORE fun to shoot.