The new American Pistol Compact from Ruger is available now.

Yesterday, Sturm, Ruger & Company announced yesterday the company is expanding its American Pistol line by adding a compact version of the popular polymer gun.

The new model is chambered in 9mm and available with or without a manual safety.

The American Pistol was introduced in late 2015. Ruger says it polled law enforcement and military trainers throughout the country to select the form, function, and features of the gun.

The resulting pistol featured a recoil-reducing barrel cam, low-mass slide, low center of gravity, and a low-bore axis to provide better balance, less felt recoil, and less muzzle flip than other pistols in its class.

The pistol is striker-fired with a short takeup trigger and positive reset for rapid follow-up shots. The modular wrap-around grip system has an adjustable palm swell and trigger reach so the gun can fit a wide range of hand sizes.

Ruger American Pistol Compact: Coming to the Range
The American Pistol Compact comes with a 17-round extended magazine and 12-round concealed carry magazine. mfg photo

The new compact model has a 3.55-inch barrel and an overall length of 6.65 inches and a height of 4.48 inches. The compact is designed for concealed carry and weighs in at 28.75 ounces unloaded. Otherwise, it shares all the features of the duty-sized pistol in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package.

The gun ships in a hard case with small, medium, and large replaceable grip modules and two nickel-Teflon plated steel magazines (one 17-round extended magazine and one 12-round compact magazine).

The pistol is built on a rigid, one-piece, precision machined, black nitrided, stainless steel chassis with integral frame rails and fire control housing. The American Pistol Compact also features genuine Novak LoMount Carry three-dot sights, a stainless steel slide with non-reflective, black nitride finish, and a glass-filled nylon grip frame.