The new Ruger LCP II.

One of the earliest entries in the wave of pocket pistols that has run concurrently with the surge in concealed-carry permits throughout the country was the Ruger LCP, introduced in 2008. Looking like a blend of the Walther PPK and the Kel-Tec P-3AT, the little 9.4 ounce pistol was designed in direct response to consumer requests for a compact firearm as a defensive handgun and as a backup gun for police.

This week Ruger announced the introduction of the LCP II (Lightweight Compact Pistol), featuring a some updates and improvements over the original.

The new Ruger LCP II. .

The small .380 LCP II features a short, crisp single-action trigger with an inner trigger safety, according to the manufacturer, along with improved sights that are integral to the slide, a larger grip surface for better distribution of recoil forces, and an easy-to-rack slide (meaning deeper cocking serrations) with an improved slide stop mechanism with a last round hold-open.

Overall, the appearance and lines of the pistol have changed. With a chunkier slide and frame at the rear, higher sights, and a boxier muzzle, the LCP II has erased any similarities with the PPK and the new, angled cocking serrations, squared-off trigger guard, and segmented grip texturing with a relocated Ruger logo make the new pistol look far more modern overall than the original.

The original Ruger LCP was introduced in 2008. .

According to American Rifleman’s John Kurtenbach, the single-action pull on the LCP II is greatly improved compared with the trigger on the LCP. He measured the pull at an even 6 pounds.

The LCP II is slightly heavier than its predecessor, at 10.6 ounces, with a height of 3.71 inches, width of 0.91 inches, and a capacity of 6+1 behind a 2.75-inch barrel. The frame is made of glass-filled Nylon and the slide and barrel are both alloy steel with a blued finish.

The LCP II comes with a pocket holster and one 6-round magazine; however, 6-round LCP magazines will not activate the last round hold-open feature on the LCP II. The new pistol will not take 7-round LCP mags. Ruger also makes a finger-grip extension floorplate for the magazine, for an improved grip with larger hands.

The company says LCP magazines are backwards-compatible with the LCP II. MSRP: $349

Like its predecessor, the LCP II is chambered in .380 Auto. .