Ruger Security 9 With Laser Sight

The new Ruger Security-9 comes with a factory installed Viridian E-Series red laser sight.

Ruger rolled out a few new product for the 4th of July, including a new Security 9 pistol and a brand new compact 1911 made for concealed carry.

First up, an updated version of the Security-9 pistol. The latest variant of the budget handgun includes a factory-installed Viridian E-Series red laser sight.

The module is fully adjustable and weighs a hair over 0.5 ounces and comes with a long-lasting battery. It also has a push-butting, ambidextrous switch.

Security-9 With Laser
The new Security-9 pistol only costs a bit more than the regular version. Ruger

The Security-9 9mm pistol was released near the end of 2017 as an “affordable, rugged, mid-sized centerfire pistol that provides everyday security in the perfect caliber, size, and price point.”

The regular Security-9 sells for about $379 MSRP.

The MSRP for the laser version is $439


SR1911 Officer-Style

The new Ruger SR1911 has a steel frame for better balance.

On the old-school end of things, the new .45 ACP SR1911 Officer-Style pistol is built on the classic 1911 design but with a stout 3.6″ barrel and a shortened grip frame and an all steel construction. The smaller dimensions make the pistol a great option for concealed carry.

“Compared to the SR1911 Lightweight Officer-Style, the steel frame on this new model retains additional weight for better balance, lower recoil, and greater durability,” said Ruger in a release.

Ruger SR1911
The Officer-style size makes this SR1911 great for concealment. Ruger

The new SR1911 has a low-glare stainless finish with checkered G-10 grip panels, and Novak drift adjustable 3-Dot sights. It weighs in at 31 ounces.

MSRP: $979.