Safariland Training Academy is continuing to offer its “Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder” course, which aims to provide valuable guidance to law enforcement agencies, schools and businesses that may unfortunately find themselves dealing with a mass casualty situation.

Safariland Group’s mission statement is “Together, we save lives.” They reach this goal by offering classes in readiness through its Safariland Training Academy, at both the individual and instructor level. The academy’s nationally recognized instructors bring extensive real-world experience to the program, and use that know-how to provide training for the Department of Defense, Secret Service, Border Patrol, FBI, and State Department, among others.

Safariland’s experts have been teaching the Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder course since 2013, instructing pupils how to give them the best chance of survival and minimize casualties in the event of an armed intrusion. Topics covered include strategies to create an effective immediate response plan and how to make critical decisions in crisis situations.

Participants learn how “run, lock and fight,” and how to apply life-saving first aid. They practice through simulations of intruder incidents, learning how to use everyday objects as weapons and how to create SWAT-like barricades using equipment such as tables or chairs in any room.

The Armed Intruder course features both brief lecture-based training and extensive 16-hour hands-on sessions. For law enforcement participants, the combination classroom/scenario courses are scheduled over two days; with the first day focused on learning the curriculum and the second day teaching the officers to instruct the course. Upon completion, students are granted access to the Power Point Presentations, lesson plans, drills, instructor cards and syllabus for sharing.

“Safariland’s Armed Intruder course is designed to help save lives because it teaches participants initial actions they can take during the most dangerous part of a mass casualty incident. These are the first few moments of an active shooter event before law enforcement arrives,” said Sandy Wall, training director for The Safariland Training Academy in a press release.

Several of the Safariland courses teach emergency first aid.
Several of the Safariland courses teach emergency first aid. Safariland

Wall, a retired Master Peace Officer and 28-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, explained, “We offer one of the few hands-on, scenario-based courses as an essential way to prepare individuals and groups, so they learn what to do now, prior to being faced with an adrenalin-infused real-life occurrence.”

Students may also receive continuing education credits upon course completion through a partnership with Columbia Southern University. For more information about the “Emergency Response to an Armed Intruder” course, and other Safariland Training Academy courses, visit