More women in San Diego County said they’d rather spend a “girl’s night out” at a shooting range with their friends, rather than in a coffee shop or a bar or club, according to this story from CBS. Gun ranges even beat out yoga in the county within the state with the most strict gun control laws in the nation.

The story says spending time at the gun range helping women build friendships, but they are also learning to protect themselves by carrying a firearm.

Since the year 2000, 148 women in the county have obtained and kept a concealed carry permit, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the story says.

At Poway Weapons and Gear, women get to shoot for free on “Ladies Night,” held every second Wednesday of the month—and since they started it, membership has gone up 30 percent, the story says.

“It’s empowering and it’s bringing more women to come here and try it out,” said Jessica Colby in the story.

For Natasha Sweatte, a spokesperson for Poway and a former television news reporter, the issue of carrying a firearm for self defense is an extremely personal one. A man tried to break into her home three times, she told CBS.

“You don’t have to be defenseless. I can’t expect someone else to save me,” she said in the story. The female members at Poway say they understand that the decision to carry guns is a big responsibility, but also say they find it to be liberating, the story says.

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