Savage 110 Scout Rifle with Accufit Stock: SHOT Show Quick Look

This handy bolt-action rifle can be adjusted to fit shooters of pretty much any body size and type.

I’ve always had a thing for scout rifles. These bolt-action rifles are designed to be light and handy. They have a scope mount area, usually a rail segment, forward of the receiver. The idea is to use a long-eye-relief scope or red dot sight to facilitate both-eyes-open shooting, a clear view of the environment, and fast shooting from any position.

The new Savage 110 Scout has the Accufit stock system which I think is a perfect addition to a field rifle that’s likely to get carried and knocked around. The Accufit system comes with an interchangeable buttstock and comb height spacers. Rather than have an expensive and comparatively fragile adjustment system, you fit the rifle to your preferences when you get it, and you’re done.

The result is a “one piece” configuration with no moving parts. The comb adjustments are particularly useful as that allows you to configure the perfect position for your cheek depending on your size and the type of scope you’re using.

The 110 Scout has a detachable magazine, iron sights if you want to keep things simple, and a flat dark with a synthetic stock with black trim accents. The rifle currently ships in the following calibers: .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, 338 Federal, and 450 Bushmaster. MSRP: $819