Boyds now sells hardwood stocks for the Savage A17 in many different styles, colors, and patterns.

This past spring, Savage got the gun world’s attention with the release of its new semi-automatic rimfire rifle, the A17, chambered in .17 HMR, one of the first reliable semis to tame the hot little rimfire cartridge.

Now, Boyds has introduced some gorgeous-looking hardwood replacement stocks for the A17 in several styles: classic, featherweight thumbhole, heritage, platinum, prairie hunter, pro varmint, and varmint thumbhole.

“Our friends at Savage hit a home run with the A17,” said Dustin Knutson, General Manager at Boyds, in this story “We’re excited to introduce new products for this innovative new rifle.”

Boyds also offers a wide variety of options for their Savage A17 stocks, according to the company’s website, including new custom wood options, custom length of pull, and an adjustable comb. Plus, the company released eight new laminate wood color options, including Sage, Prairie Wind, Ripple Timber ,Ripple Forest Camp, Ripple Blaze, Ripple Royal Jacaranda, Ripple Sky, and Ripple Zombie.

Boyds is the leading manufacturer of high-quality hardwood gunstocks in the world, based in Mitchell, South Dakota. The company builds over 100,000 different makes and models of gunstocks. You can check out their other products here.