While Savage Arms officially launched their new AccuFit system last month, members of the media got a sneak peek the day before SHOT Show 2018 along with a chance to shoot with it. The buzz around the new customizable stock system was enough that Savage’s booth was my first stop when I got to the range. AccuFit means the stock has the ability to be user adjusted for a customized fit. Spacers are included that allow you to find a perfect length of pull (LOP) and different sized comb risers allow you to fit your cheek so you can get a perfect alignment with your eye and whatever optic you’re using. Basically when you purchase the firearm, you set it up for yourself and simply forget it, unless you change scopes or want to make the LOP shorter for winter hunting with thicker clothing.

The AccuFit system uses spacers and different sized cheekpieces that can be swapped out with nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver.
The AccuFit system uses spacers and different sized cheekpieces that can be swapped out with nothing more than a Phillips screwdriver. file photo

The AccuFit system comes with four different comb risers that raise the cheekpiece in 1/8-inch increments, plus four different spacers in ¼-inch increments for adjusting the LOP.

All spacers and be swapped out with just a Phillips-head screwdriver and included screws of varying lengths, making it easy to adjust and make sure the stock feel as solid as a customized piece, and not a flexing adjustable one.

Savage Arms Long Range Hunter Rifle
The Savage Long Range Hunter in .338 Lapua featuring the AccuFit stock. mfg photo

To confirm your custom fit, ensure the gun is unloaded and faced in a safe direction, then close your eyes and mount the gun in a position that feels comfortable to your cheek, neck and general shooting stance. Open your eyes. If you’re not looking through the scope, with a clear sight picture free of dark crescents on the outside edges, you’ll need to adjust comb height and perhaps length-of-pull.

J.J. Reich, a Savage Arms representative summed up the product by saying, “In the end, hunters who take these tips to heart and devote a few minutes to correctly setting up AccuFit for a custom fit will increase their overall accuracy and ability to consistently make the toughest shots in all conditions.

Savage Arms adjustable AccuFit
A demo of the AccuFit system from the SHOT Show floor. author photo

“AccuFit is usually a set-and-forget system, but its versatility allows you to tailor length-of-pull and comb height as needed, such as when changing optics or donning bulky clothing for cold-weather hunting. AccuFit also accommodates physical changes, making it perfect for young shooters as it will grow with the shooter throughout their lifetime.

“AccuFit’s adaptability also increases your rifle’s resale value, because it can easily be customized to fit the new owner. Likewise, you can also adjust the AccuFit system if the gun is loaned to a friend or handed down to a family member.”

It’s also interesting to note that women generally have higher cheekbones and longer necks than men, which means women often require higher cheek rests. I’ve struggled with this myself, feeling like I was doing something wrong when I’d shoulder the rifle and not get a good sight picture. What a relief to know that it was not properly adjusted for me.

Savage Arms AccuFit Model 110
The AccuFit interchangeable pieces can be seen easily on this coyote-colored stock. author photo

I found that the adjustments were easy to make on the Model 110 rifle I got to try out at Range Day. I can say that I’m not much of a “handywoman”, but I can turn a screwdriver, and changing out the spacers and risers are made simple with this system. Any intimidation that I might have had about making adjustments quickly disappeared when I got my hands on the gun (and screwdriver).

I quickly realized the benefits of the perfect fit even bundled up with a heavy coat! Shouldering the rifle, I was able to see the target clearly without the scope shadows!

Obviously, a good fit allows the shooter to see their sight picture more clearly, along with improved trigger control, and a firmer cheekweld, which all adds up to better accuracy and more consistent shooting.

Savage Arms Predator Rifle
The Savage Arms Predator rifle with an AccuFit stock. mfg photo

If I’m spending my hard earned money on a rifle, I want it to be one I can use no matter if I’m dressed for cold or hot temperatures—sitting in a blind, or lying prone on a hillside. The AccuFit fits the bill!

No matter what type of rifle you’re looking for, Savage’s Big Game Hunting and Specialty series Model 110 rifles have been revamped and are available in in a variety of finishes and feature packages.

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