steampunk guns
This isn’t a real gun. This steam-powered device involves donning a brass and leather gauntlet. It’s fitted with a telescopic sight. This single-action handgun is based on a six-shot .44 Remington percussion revolver. It was designed by John Belli. photo courtesy of the National Firearms Museum

The NRA’s National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va., has an exhibit on “Steampunk Guns,” a collection of both bizarre firearm inventions from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and pure sci-fi creations.

“Steampunk combines the best of Victorian elegance with adventurous, bizarre inventions that could easily have sprung from the mind of Jules Verne,” according to the museum’s literature. “It is a world where steam-powered gizmos have brought forth a culture all their own.”

“These fun and phantasmagoric firearms will capture the imagination and tickle the funny bone of anyone who enjoys a peek into the alternative, ‘what-if’ sci-fi world of Steampunk,” said Jim Supica, Director of NRA Museums.

The exhibition is made possible by ModVic, LLC and generous artists and will run through the end of 2015. Admission to this museum is free.