Booby Trap Bras
Booby Trap Bras makes sports bras with a pocket to stash a self-defense knife. web photo

According to a story from, the brutal murder of a female jogger in New York City has prompted a number of women to contact one company in Texas called Booby Trap Bras.

The company sells a sports bra with a hidden knife pouch sewn into the lining.

“There are so many attackers out there right now and women feel helpless,” says Sara Julian, who is working with Jennifer Cutrona to create the bras, according to this story.

Cutrona developed the idea of a bra with a pocket for a knife when after a close call when she was jogging on a trail near her home in Austin, Texas.

“I walked around thinking life was all rainbows and butterflies until I was jumped out at on a local running trail. I was in active wear and had no form of protection on me. The little pocket knives I had collected over the years were all at home in the drawer with my pepper spray,” she said in the story.

Her company’s Just In Case bra has a pocket in the center for a knife or pepper spray. They sell various models and colors.

Cutrona was able to flee her attacker, but many women aren’t so lucky.

The incident that has prompted Booby Trap Bras’ spike in business was the murder of 30-year-old jogger Karina Vetrano, who was dragged off a path she frequently ran and strangled near her home in Howard Beach. Her body was found in the woods by her father. Police say it’s possible she was sexually assaulted.

There are several companies out there that make products for women to help them more easily carry self-defense items, especially firearms, no matter what type of clothing is worn. Women are the fastest growing segment of the firearms market, and that includes holsters and other necessities designed specifically for women.

This year’s Concealed Carry Association Expo in Atlanta included many such products.

The latest concealed carry fashion show revealed plenty of style—and some creative places to hide a handgun.

Victoria’s Other Secret

When it comes to carrying knives for self-defense in New York, it should be noted that any folding knife that can be opened with “the force of gravity or the application of centrifugal force” or a flick of the wrist, is illegal to even possess in the state, let alone carry, thanks to laws from the 1950s. And the law is certainly enforced: between 2000 and 2012, NYC police officers arrested 70,000 people for violating the knife law.

From this New York Times story: “Most of these cases don’t go to trial, but the arrest itself, and the following entanglement with the justice system, can wreak havoc on a person’s life, especially a lower-income person who can’t afford to spend day after day returning to court. And while possession is a misdemeanor, it can become a felony if a person has a prior conviction, which could mean up to seven years behind bars.”

It is legal to carry a concealed fixed blade knife that is four inches long or shorter, as long as it isn’t carried with the intent for use as a weapon, including self defense.