Sen. Kevin S. Parker (D) of Brooklyn, New York, the “brains” behind a bill that would scrutinize gun buyers’ social media and Internet search history before they make a purchase, flew off the handle in his characteristic fashion and told a GOP Aide to ‘Kill Yourself!’ in a Tweet.

The New York Times reports that Candice Giove, deputy communications director for the outgoing Republican majority leader, John J. Flanagan, called the Senator out for possibly misusing his Senate-issued parking placard on Twitter.

“Kill Yourself!” he wrote in response in a now-deleted Tweet. The Brooklyn politician did later apologize, but only after an outpouring of negative feedback on the remark.

The unhinged remarks follow a pattern of behavior for Mr. Parker, who would likely not qualify to a buy a firearm in his proposed bill that would review gun buyers’ social media accounts. But he may not be able to purchase a gun already, as he was arrested and indicted on second- and third-degree assault, third- and fourth-degree criminal mischief, third-degree menacing and second-degree harassment for an assault on a news photographer outside his Brooklyn home, according to the New York Daily News. The New York Times reports he was convicted of two counts of criminal mischief for the fisticuffs.

City & State New York created a cheat sheet of the fiery pols most notable indiscretions:

  • 2005: Parker was arrested for punching a traffic agent who was giving him a ticket for double parking, later participating in an anger management program to resolve the misdemeanor assault charge. Later that same year a staffer would accuse him of threatening her after she accused him of shoving and hitting her when she was working as his office manager.

  • 2008: Parker pushed his aide Lucretia John during an argument, knocking her glasses off her face. Parker then intentionally smashed the glasses by stomping on them, she told police.

  • 2009: In addition to the assault on a reporter, Parker called then-Governor David Paterson a “coke snorting, staff-banging governor” after Paterson cut off some pay for senators amid a partisan fight for leadership of the chamber.

  • 2010: Parker reportedly charged toward state Senator Diane Savino during a contentious meeting of Senate Democrats, reportedly calling her a “bitch” and dropped some “f-bombs.” “Do you want a piece of me?” he reportedly asked Savino’s boyfriend, then-Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein, after Klein intervened.

It’s no wonder Parker doesn’t believe people are responsible enough to own guns. He isn’t responsible enough to reign in his own actions. Perhaps there is some projection on his behalf?