Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, a staunch gun control supporter, said recently that if Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election, it would be a “pretty dramatic setback” for efforts to undermine the Second Amendment.

According to this story from YahooNews, Murphy has emerged as the Democratic Party’s “most vocal champion of new gun regulation.”

“Not just because how terrible (Trump) will be on the issue,” Murphy said in the story, “but the fact that presidential candidate who ran asking for a mandate on guns lost.”

Murphy’s anti-gun efforts began after the tragic 2012 shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in his state.

“Sandy Hook was so cataclysmic—was so outside of the norm—that people’s reaction was all about simply figuring out how to process it, how to reconcile that level of evil,” Murphy said in this story.

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The story says his ensuing efforts brought him up against the National Rifle Association, which he seems to view as a sort of personal enemy.

From the story:

“Murphy is now eyeing action in 2017, which he hopes will be achieved by a Democratic Party-led Senate, if comrades can pick up a net six Senate seats, and championed by Hillary Clinton, who is the most stridently pro-gun-control presidential nominee ever.”

Indeed, Murphy seems to be looking at the fight against the Second Amendment as a long-term crusade. In the story, he said of the NRA, “I think it’s still very powerful, 10 years from now. It is whether the NRA has a vice-like grip on the Republican Party, or whether it is another interest groups that wins some battles and loses some battles. They have not lost a fight in decades.”

“My hope is that 10 years from now, while the NRA will still be powerful, Republicans will get used to stepping out and occasionally take on the NRA,” Murphy continued.

The story ends with an ominous statement from Murphy, who likens the NRA to an industry that now survives but with a significantly damaged image: “Guns are the new cigarettes,” he said.

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