Got a minute? These fun, easy-to-follow videos will help you become a better handgun shooter in 60 seconds…no matter your skill level.

Blur the Bull’s Eye…Hit the X-Ring

You’ll make an accurate shot if your target is blurry? It’s true. Learn how to focus when aiming.

Fill Your Plate…for Better Handgunning

A paper plate and a timer are all you need to improve your pistol skills.

Straighten Your Collar…For Straight Shooting

Are you doing the Bernie at the firing line? Get your collarbone positioned in front of your shoulders to shoot better.

Shoot With Your Finger…Nail the Target

The most important work in shooting is done with just one digit. Here’s how to operate your trigger finger effectively.

Let Your Sights Wobble…To Shoot Straight

A handgun pro shows why letting those sights sway—and concentrating on trigger press—is the key to accuracy.

Drop the Saucer…Hit the Bull

Your handgun isn’t a cup of coffee! Here’s the best way to use your support hand—and Shoot Better in a Minute.

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