For the first time ever, Shoot Like a Girl is getting a spot inside the exhibit all at the NRA Annual Meeting.

According to a press release, the organization will be at booth 12358 inside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas for the meeting to be held from May 4 – May 6.

This will be the fifth consecutive year that Shoot Like a Girl has brought it’s state of the art semi-trailer mobile range to the meeting, but the first time the org will be inside.

The release says, “This new location will expand the opportunity for the company to interact with like-minded ladies, passionately advocate for law-abiding citizens, and promote the importance of introducing women to shooting sports.”

Since the company’s inception, over 17,000 women have shot with Shoot Like A Girl leading to an overall economic impact to the shooting sports industry of more than $73 million, the release says.

Additionally, “Shoot Like A Girl offers women in attendance at the NRA Annual meeting the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary introduction process, called the Test Shots and Test Flights.

“In this process they shoot a pistol, AR platform rifle, and compound bows in a safe controlled environment in a short amount of time guided by NRA Certified Instructors and archery coaches. The trailer features a military grade firearms simulation system and a live archery range. Shoot Like A Girl also features a gun counter, where all of the participants at NRAAM can review and compare a wide variety of firearms. There are many models on display from the corporate partners including revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, and rifles provide women the ability to explore available options.”