Got a minute? These fun, easy-to-follow videos will help you become a better rifle shooter in 60 seconds…no matter your skill level.

Use a Sock…to Drop a Deer

Here’s how an old sock can help you make a super-accurate shot in the field.

Weld Your Cheek…Hit The Bull

Shooting expert Jeff Johnston shows the pro way to mount a rifle so you’ll make an accurate shot every time.

Stand Up…And Shoot Offhand

Sometimes if you don’t take a shot from the standing position, you won’t have a shot at all.

Take a Knee…Hit the Bull

The kneeling position provides a stable shooting platform—but leaving your trigger arm unsupported can make you miss. This technique fixes that.

Unsling a Rifle…In a Second

Shooting pro Jeff Johnston shows how to carry a rifle on your shoulder…and be ready to take a shot in an instant.

Clear a Jam…With One Hand

Gun pro Jeff Johnston demonstrates how to get an AR-type rifle back in battery quickly…without looking.

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