Find the Perfect Gun for Your Hand

Want to Shoot Sweet? Watch pro shooter Julie Golob explain how to know when a gun fits your hand perfectly!

Should You Get a Revolver?

If you’re in the market for a handgun, watch sweet-shooting Julie Golob explain how a revolver works, plus its benefits and drawbacks.

Stand Right…Shoot Straight

Sweet handgun shooting is a whole-body skill. Watch Julie Golob show exactly how to get into that bull’s-eye stance!

Train Your Trigger Finger

Sweet shooting really all comes down to one thing: pulling the trigger. Watch champion shooter Julie Golob show you how to get that shot off perfectly.

Get Your Sight Picture Perfect

When you’re aiming a gun, you don’t just point it in the general direction of the target. Julie Golob shows you what you should—and shouldn’t—look at so you can shoot sweet!

Draw from a Holster Like a Pro

Get that handgun out, secured, aimed, and fired quickly and accurately with these tips from sweet-shooting pro Julie Golob!

Draw from a Purse

If you’re considering a concealed-carry handbag, make sure you know how to store your gun in one–and get it out quickly. Sweet-shooting Julie Golob shows how.

Shoot Under Pressure

If you ever have to use your carry gun, it’s going to be during a stressful situation…but how do you practice for it? Sweet-shooting Julie Golob shows five exercises.

The Fast Follow-Up Shot

Two shots are better than one—but only if the second one hits where you want it to. Sweet-shooting Julie Golob shows how to do it right.

Shoot a Moving Target

If what you’re shooting at isn’t just standing there, how do you hit it? Sweet shooting Julie Golob shows two ways.

Shoot Straight with a Laser Sight

A laser sight can make you a better shooter…if you know how to read its clues. Sweet-shooting Julie Golob shows how.

Shoot a Handgun with One Hand

It’s a common TV and movie shooting technique…and it’s almost always done the wrong way. Watch sweet shooting Julie Golob demonstrate how to put that one-hand shot right on target!